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Lessons & Rentals

Surfboard, wetsuit rentals and lessons are provided at shop year round.

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surf board rentals



Surf & Kiteboarding Lessons:

Link To Book Surf Lessons

Please call to book for groups larger than 4 at 920-208-7873 | Gift Certificates Available.

SURF & SUP lessons include all necessary gear and 2 hours of instruction by certified and experienced instructors. All lessons and rentals are non-refundable.

When Purchasing a surf lesson please answer the following questions in the order comments.

1. Name, Email, Phone

2. Height & Weight and Footsize (unisex mens)

3. Desired Date for Lesson. We cannot promise waves so if your desired day looks as if there won't be solid conditions we will reach out via email, phone call, or text to reschedule for a better day. Please note that we cannot refund a lesson but we can reschedule.


Surf lessons include about 2 hours of instruction, board, wetsuit and anything else needed for the conditions of it. You will meet at the shop unless instructed by one of our staff. 

Please be aware that surf condtions vary and we cant control your timeline of when or what day you want to go but only instruct you on days that are able to. Check our Surf Forecast Page for forecasting. 



surf day rentals and lessons sheboygan

Link To Book Kite Lessons. 

Kiteboarding lessons- $275 for 3 hours- $500 for 6 hours.

Includes all gear use, instruction and discounts on new gear purchases with 6 hour lesson. 

Day Rental Rates: 

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*No refunds on rentals*


Shop hours
(weather permitting)

Foam or Skimboard

  • $30/open to close (at shop)
  • $35/24 hours (at shop)

Fiberglass Surfboard

  • $35/open to close (at shop)
  • $45/24 hours (at shop) Week $120
Shop hours
(weather permitting)

*includes paddle and PFD Pick up at shop

  • $65/open to close (at shop)
  • $75 for 24hr
  • 2day $115
  • 3day $165
  • 4day $200
  • 5day $235
  • 6day $260
  • 7day $275
Shop hours
(weather permitting)


  • $25/open to close (at shop)
  • $30/24 hours (at shop)

Boots and gloves

  • $14/open to close (at shop)
  • $19/24 hours (at shop)

Daily 11a-5pm

Single kayak
$20/hr (River dock only)
includes paddle and PFD

  • 1day $65
  • 2day $80
  • 3day $120
  • 4day $160
  • 5day $190
  • 6day $210
  • 7day $225

Tandem kayak
$30/hr (river dock only)
includes paddle and PFD

  • 1day $75
  • 2day $110
  • 3day $165
  • 4day $190
  • 5day $230
  • 6day $255
  • 7day $275

Rental Dock Location: