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Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons in Sheboygan, WI

Surfing on the Great Lakes is a one of a kind experience. Allow us to help you enjoy your adventure on Lake Michigan with a "Surf Lesson" Whether you are a first time surfer, or a seasoned surfer looking for help navigating the conditions, a Surf Lesson a great option to get out on the water. 

Lesson Rates

One Person Surf Lesson: $120

Two Person Surf Lesson: $199

Three Person Surf Lesson: $255

Four Person Surf Lesson: $340

**All Lesson Rates Are Pre-Tax**

Please call to book for groups larger than 4 at 920-208-7873 | Gift Certificates Available.

What's Included?

All lessons Come With:

  • Forecasting guidance
  • 2 Hours of Instruction/ Supervision 
  • All gear necessary based on condition (exclusions may apply)  

Please be aware: Our goal is to give every student the optimal experience, but it is important to note that surf conditions do vary. Our Surf Educators work with you to communicate conditions and a best plan of action in the event conditions are not conducive for your scheduled lesson time. 

In the event that "Conditions are not Conducive" rescheduling and refunds are available.

Kite Boarding Lessons

Includes 1 on 1  instruction and discounts on new gear purchases with 6 hour lesson. 3 and 6 hour lessons are usually a multi-day process and we keep you up to date on forecasts throughout the season to get you on the water asap. Gear rentals are available for a discounted fee if booking a lesson. Keep in mind you never stop learning after your lesson and how fast you progress depends on your ambition, time available and then getting your own gear. Let us know what you need we can help! Contact for kite, foil or wing lessons.

Lesson Rates

Please contact for any lessons on kite/wing or foiling.

  • Intro to kiteboarding: $175 - Fly a trainer, learn safety and aspects of flying bigger kites (this is not a water lesson)
  • Three Hour Lesson: $300
  • Six Hour Lesson (multi day): $550
  • Wing Foil lesson 2-4 hours: contact for info
  • Assisted Kite/wing lessons: contact for info