Vyrl CRYO Men’s Frontzip Hooded Fullsuit 6/5mm

Vyrl CRYO Men’s Frontzip Hooded Fullsuit 6/5mm

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SKU  XVC865MF-02 (6/5mm)

The Hyperflex VYRL™ CRYO™ was designed and tested specifically for use in brutal New England, Great lakes and Pacific Northwest Winters. Everything about this suit is designed for long lasting warmth, crazy comfort and long lasting durability. The CRYO is without a doubt the most insane cold water wetsuit Hyperflex has ever produced. That’s saying a lot … considering Hyperflex has built a solid reputation for producing the best cold water gear in the business.



• The CRYO series features a specialized neoprene formulation that is lighter in weight and provides 15% more thermal retention then the standard VYRL series.

• Lined with the exclusive Hyperflex Fire Fleece™ lining. The CRYO provides ridiculous stretch, extended mobility and superior comfort while at the same time, all but eliminating cold water movement through the wetsuit.

• All unnecessary seams have been removed from the CRYO. Minimal seams results in less chance for damage, leaking
and restriction. All seams are Triple Glued and blind stitched, then welded using our liquid fusion process.

• PK mini front zip, low profile design for comfort while providing easy entry and exit.

• Attached ergonomic hood for a snug but comfortable fit.

• Duratex hi-stretch Knee pads.

• A modified saddle and pocket Crotch design will keep your boys warm during long cold sessions.

• Convenient and easy-access key pocket with elastic loop